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Christ Can Handle Your Crisis

In this life, everyone will go through time crisis. A crisis can be a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. However, despite all of these things, Christ can handle any crisis! In John 2:1-11, Jesus and his disciples went to a wedding. While... Read More.

Blessings in Thorns

Many times, individuals have a negative perspective as it relates to thorns. Prior to receiving roses from someone, most people would prefer that the thorns be removed. This is understandable as nobody really wants to be pricked by a thorn! However, most people may... Read More.

Bless the Lord

Many times, when people hear or consider the word blessing, the thought that comes to mind is, the Lord blessing them or someone else. However, blessings can go both ways. Simply put, we can bless the Lord even as the Lord blesses us!In Psalm... Read More.

Never Alone

As we journey through life, there are times when we experience various troubles and trials. Yes, even as believers and followers of Christ, we can often find ourselves in situations of affliction, adversity, frustration and aggravation. Although we will encounter these problems and issues... Read More.

Walking in the Father’s Favor

You can’t walk in the favor of the Father and not have haters. (Genesis 37:3-4)Some people will not hate you just based on where you presently are in your life, but there are those who will hate you because they cannot stand the thought... Read More.